Milan Andov

Born 1974 in Skopje , Macedonia

Studied Academy of Fine Art Skopje, Macedonia, department of graphic techniques and design. Showing extraordinary talent in drawing and painting in particularly, received awards in the early stages of his studies.
For the results in his studies he receives two scholarships and continues till his graduation in 2005.
  1. Solo exhibition at the diplomatic club in Skopje in 2012- selected works
  2. Solo exhibition at the youth cultural center, paintings from the cycle “ Faces- confrontations” in Skopje in 2013.
  3. Solo exhibition in the old bazaar gallery 8 in Skopje, works from the cycle “TRANSFERENCE”part1 in 2014.
  4. Solo exhibition at the Prima Center Berlin gallery in Berlin, works from the cycle “TRANSFERENCE” part 2 in 2014.
  5. Solo exhibition “TREMOLO” at the museum of modern art , in Yerevan Armenia in 2017
  1. 1998-Award “Dragutin Avramovski-Gute”best graphic work of the year
  2. 1999-Award from the commission of the Faculty of fine Arts in Skopje for best drawing from the cycle “NUDES”.
  3. 2012-Prize award at the annual watercolor exhibition in Skopje.
  4. 2013-Award “ Lazar Licenoski”at the annual DLUM exhibition for painting for that years opus.
  5. 2014 – Winner of the young artist award at OSTEN gallery
  6. 2018 – Winner of the GOLDEN OSTEN award at OSTEN gallery
  1. 2014 – Group exhibition FLUX , at the RAG Factory in London
  2. 2015 – Group exhibition FLUX , at the Royal College of Art, Kensington, London
  3. 2017 – Group exhibition “TREMOLO”, at the museum of modern art, in Yerevan Armenia
Great number of group exhibition, art colonies, art happenings.


Born 1975 in Skopje, Macedonia

Graduated from secondary art school and the Academy for fine arts.
During his studies he worked freelance for children books publisher and satirical magazine as an illustrator and cartoonist.
After graduating he got a job as a designer of postal stamps where he worked for 11 years.
He collaborates on commercial advertising projects as well.